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How to get started

Step 1) E-mail us to schedule your free small group trial workout or to inquire about private one-on-one training!

Step 2) Continue seeing awesome results with our monthly unlimited small group membership of $149 or purchase a 10-pack of small group workouts with no expiration for $169!

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What You'll Be Doing

in our Small Group Workouts

 You will lift weights to build strength and muscle! (our TNT and Muscle & Hustle workouts)

 You will run, jump, twist, push, pull and slam things to improve cardiovascular fitness and mobility! (our Muscle & Hustle and Metabolic Meltdown workouts)

 You will be coached on following a simple and flexible approach to nutrition!

 You will have way too much FUN working out with us and you will get incredible RESULTS!

 You will get a ton of personal coaching and support!

 You will get all of the exercise modifications you need!


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Metabolic Functional Fitness
3257 Quakerbridge Road, Hamilton, NJ 08619
(609) 380-1450

"I had the privilege of training with John. Highly recommend. He is knowledgable, personal, attentive and will not only instruct you on good form but push you to do what you didn't think was possible. Excellent trainer and a great guy!"

- Michael D.

"John is a fabulous trainer- highly knowledgeable and technically competent and has many years of experience. I’ve been training with John for over two years and have learned so much about weight training with proper form and technique, while significantly building my strength. Go join John’s gym NOW- you will not be disappointed!!!"

- Erica M.

"Great trainer, great atmosphere, great people and you sweat A LOT!!

- Katherine K.

"John is clearly very passionate about providing a clean, safe, hard-working environment. This is different than other boot camps I've been to in the fact that he has three distinct classes with different goals - he includes one class dedicated just to building strength and lifting weights. His classes are high energy and he keeps the music loud and the playlists rotating."

- Monica A.

"I can't think of a better coach than John! He is truly knowledgeable in so many areas and is an absolute pleasure to train with. He pushes me to my limits and then some and I have seen the most incredible results in my body composition due to his training methods. You won't be disappointed coming here!"

- Luanne P.

"I can not say enough about the training at Metabolic. from the moment you walk in until you leave you are getting personal attention on technique and meeting your goals. John is not only extremely knowledgeable about fitness but passionate and it truly shows. The gym is clean and has an enormous variety of weights for you to be able to obtain your goals. I am beyond grateful that I found a perfect fit to what I was looking for. Yoga is a plus also."

- Cherie B.

"John offers a great service and personal attention that you won't get at a franchise gym. The workouts are fun, varied, and appropriate for any age and fitness level. I feel refreshed and often get a second wind in the last few minutes!"

- Marilyn C.

"Workouts are great, creative and change often enough that you don't get bored. I find myself stronger than I've ever been because of the method of these workouts. Trust the process!"

- Gena H.

"So glad I found this awesome gym! John is great- always supportive and encouraging while making sure you're challenging yourself and keeping proper form. The community of other members is very friendly and welcoming too! The workouts are creative and challenging, and I've seen big changes in my own strength from going to Metabolic 3-4x/week over the last 3 months. Regardless of fitness level, I would definitely recommend Metabolic to anybody who is looking to get in shape and have fun."

- Suzanne H.

“I knew that if I were ever going to get in shape, I had to do it before a slowing metabolism made it even harder. John motivated me like no one has ever been able to before. He gave me the confidence to believe I could be stronger. Now I'm in the best shape of my life knowing I have discovered an enjoyment of strength training that will keep me fit for the rest of my life. What John has helped me achieve is priceless.”

Margaret M.

"The owner John is awesome! (as well as the members!) He is dedicated and extremely knowledgeable. MFF is a great new gym with small class size & a variety of workouts for all ages/stages of life. Extremely happy with MFF!!! Thanks so much for opening here in Hamilton, NJ!"

- Blair L.